When you buy our mats directly from our website you save!

  Realjitsu Mats are the most cost effective martial arts mat & wall padding Available! We also have brand new "factory second" mats on sale for $6.71. These mats may have minor cosmetic defects such as a pinhole on the surface or a small “pen mark” where dye may have bled through. These minor defects are only cosmetic & do not effect the mats function or ability to absorb impact. Most of our customers have said that they couldn't tell they were seconds. On occasion when we run low on factory seconds, orders are filled with standard mats.

  We have standard sizes available 10'x10', 12'x12', 14'X14', or we can do custom orders of any size in increments of 2’. If you don't find what you need, send us an e-mail. Our mats now have a new texture that is not shown in the picture above we apologize for the inconvenience.

  Realjitsu Mats are designed for training in all martial arts. Our mats absorb the impact of grappling, take down & ground fighting arts such as MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling. They are also “fast & firm” for standup/striking arts such as Thai Boxing, Tae Kwon Do & Kung Fu.

  The technology in Realjitsu mats is amazing! Our mats absorb as much impact as thicker more expensive brands because they are manufactured to be less dense. They also do not have a semi-rigid vinyl coating over the top which is hard on your knees when kneeling. Some brands add rubber to their formula. This makes their mats harder, heavier & more expensive. Other companies take 5” of foam & pack it down into an 1½”, making it rock hard!

  Realjitsu Mats are double sided, redbluegreen or yellow on one side & charcoal gray on the other. They can be flipped over to suit your needs. Not all colors will always be available in factory seconds. If you are ordering factory seconds & you absolutely need a specific color, email us before ordering to check availability. Each piece comes with 2 boarders. The pieces link together like a puzzle so they stay together & in place. At just over a pound each & 2'x2' they are easy for one person to carry & fit easily into the back seat of any car. This makes for fast & easy transportation & storage.

  Other less versatile mats go for as much as $13.50 per square foot. Realjitsu Mats are as low as $1.68 psf!

Here is what our customers have said about our mats:

   Graham Sherman  -  These mats are awesome. I hosted a huge MMA tournament with these. Perfect!

  World Class Self Defense Instructor, Paladin Press Author & Co-host of The Outdoor Channel's - "Best Defense" Michael D. Janich said "These mats are superior to any I've seen."

   Mark Steed said - "I have been involved with collegiate & freestyle wrestling for over 40 years, both personally & thru my 3 sons activities. I had only wrestled on the typical 1 and 1/2 inch rubber type & occasionally the inexpensive folding type that I did not care for. The funjitsu mats looked so thin I did not think they could properly absorb the impacts. Well, they CAN! We have been going at it for about a week & there is no hint of any separation between the sections. The cushioning effect of impacting the mat with knees, elbows, etc is truly amazing. I think they are less likely to allow injury than the more expensive rubber mats. I have been a chiropractor for 25 years & am very familiar with sports injuries. The mat is also very light and can easily be moved around."

  Jared Huges, owner of Dont Buy Retail - "We have been using the mats for wrestling/grappling... I was a little skeptical when we first laid it out, but whatever it is made out of, it works great! I am still shocked when I roll around on it."

  Jen Danowski - "They work better than my Zebra Puzzle Mats! GREAT PRODUCT!! We're doing our 3rd school's floor with RealJitsu Mats! I can't believe I got them in only 2 days!"!

  Todd Wasson - I use them for my MMA Classes & DAAT Police courses.

  "I am 37, weigh 255 lbs., have 28 years of martial arts injuries and we use our mats laid over a concrete floor. I use to own Swain Gold Medal Mats. Realjitsu Mats work more effectively, are less expensive & more portable." Head Instructor of the RealJitsu Academy.

1 out of 6 customers come back to purchase more!

  Realjitsu Mats are;

1. Superior protection for you & your floors.

2. More cost effective than any other brand.

3. Durable & flexible.

4. Easy to assemble & stays connected.

5. Water proof, odor proof, fire retardant & easy to clean.

6. Can be set up in any configuration to fit your training area, such as T or L shaped rooms.

7. Can be easily cut to fit around pillars, protrusions in walls & oddly shaped rooms.

8. Able to add more mats later to expand your training area.

9. Can be laid over wood, tile, vinyl, concrete & thin carpeting.

10. Reduces noise levels & echoes.


 If you are paying with PayPal, your mat will only be shipped to the address provided by PayPal. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

 Shipping & handling is free to the 48 states. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada.

 Your mats cannot be shipped until payment is received! Mats are shipped in 1-3 business days. Delivery usually takes 1-4 business days.

 Insurance is included. We will email you a FedEx Tracking # as soon as your mat is shipped.


  IMMEDIATLY after paying for your mat, send us an email listing your color preferences! Note; when ordering factory seconds some colors may not be available.

Your email should read as follows:

1. Your full name as spelled in your PayPal account. If you are purchasing through a company PayPal account, we need the company's name ALSO!

2. Which color you would prefer. When ordering seconds, a list of in order from most to least preferred (yellow, green, red, blue). When ordering seconds, your list MUST contain all 4 colors as not all colors are always available!

  If we do not receive an email with your color preferences, you order will be processed as "no preference".

  Do not leave a "Note to Seller" with PayPal. We do not receive them. Send us all messages directly via email.

  Color availability varies from day to day. If you need a specific color, send us an email before ordering to check if it is in stock.


   Factory second mats are non-returnable. Standard mats can be returned within 14 days of purchase. A 20% restocking fee will apply.


    All questions must be sent via email. To keep cost low, customer service is not available by phone.

   Do not leave a "Note to Seller" with PayPal. We do not receive them. Send us all messages directly via email. We get approximately 250 e-mails per day so please always include your FULL NAME (as spelled in your PayPal account) in ALL of your e-mails to us! If you inquire about a purchase & do not include this information, we may not be able to find your information & respond.

  We are always striving for 100% customer satisfaction. So please feel free to e-mail us with ANY questions BEFORE making a purchase!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business! Train safe!

"Train Safe!" is a trade mark of the Realjitsu Eclectic Functional Fighting Methods Development Academy.

Factory Second Mats Now On Sale!
As Low As $6.71 Each! Shipping included!

since 1/14/10
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All questions must be sent via email. To keep cost low, customer service is not available by phone.

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Realjitsu Mats
Realjitsu Mats
10' x 10' RealJitsu Mat
25 pieces/100 square feet
Shipping & handling included!

12' x 12' RealJitsu Mat
36 pieces/144 square feet
Shipping & handling included!

14' x 14' RealJitsu Mat
49 pieces/196 square feet
Shipping & handling included!

Factory Second Mats Now On Sale!
As Low As $6.71 Each! Shipping included!
10' x 10' RealJitsu Mat
Factory Second
25 pieces/100 square feet
Shipping & handling included!

12' x 12' RealJitsu Mat
Factory Second
36 pieces/144 square feet
$242 Shipping included!

14' x 14' RealJitsu Mat
Factory Second
49 pieces/196 square feet
$329 Shipping included!
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